Q & A with Author Sharon Smith

Why did you write this book?

First and foremost, to chronicle our change-of-lifestyle adventure. I wanted to share our story with veteran RVing friends, armchair travelers, family and the five-year-planners. Perhaps our story will encourage them to take the leap. It’s nice to know average people like us can do extraordinary things once we conquer our fears and focus our thoughts.

How did you pick your title “ON RVING TIME –  IN A LONG, LONG, TRAILER, TOO”?

Two reasons. From the beginning, John lived and breathed the RVing lifestyle. Once I gave into his passion, both of us lived and breathed RVing. We checked out “The Long, Long Trailer” video (the novel by Clinton Twiss made into a movie in 1954 starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz). A couple buy a really, really big trailer and travel the great outdoors. Ohhhh the parallels! We should have stop dead in our tracks but we didn’t.

Do you go into the pre-travel lifestyle change?

Yes. To abandon suburbia, sell everything and RV full-time challenged me to my core. Too many RV books gloss over the pre-travel worries and unpredictable complications. Thank God! The goods outweighed the bads in the end. The book is divided into four parts: Part I – In the Beginning; Part II – No Turning Back; Part III – Who Knew Hell on Earth Could Be So Cold; and Part IV – On The Road – Destination – Florida.

Why did you buy such a large RV?

We were naïve. I fell in love with the interior of our RV featured in a magazine. Too bad for us the fifthwheel measured 40-feet in length. Not too many 30-foot rigs have a bay window!

What was your greatest fear?

I feared the rig would shake loose from the truck. John feared we would have to return to a 9:00 to 5:00 routine.

What can people expect from reading your book?

I hope readers will experience our trials and tribulations. There was no guide to follow. Luckily, John’s tenacity and right brain thinking and my left-brain thinking met in the middle and pushed us onward. Overcoming the obstacles littering our path to freedom solidified our resolve to pursue our goal.

How did John convince you to give up your lifestyle?

He played the no-more-freezing-in-the-winter and freedom cards. He went to great lengths to explain we needed to spend our money before the taxman did. Most importantly, to jump in before we were too feeble to travel.