In a Long, Long, Trailer, Too! (Book 1)

BookCover1A Canadian woman, an English man, and a terrier-mix named Rex; trade Suburbia for life on the road in a 40-foot fifthwheel.

My tenacious husband brainwashes me to abandon Suburbia to become full-time RVers. How? Sell our home, business and belongings and purchase a 40-foot fifthwheel and a one ton truck.

“Clueless in RVland is an understatement to describe our naivety,” says Smith. Any good financial planner will tell you: take your time, don’t bite off more than you can chew, and assess your risk. Well, John does not heed the advice. No. Not him. He jumps in with both feet and pulls me along by the armpits.

Our hilarious, emotional misadventures take us on a roller-coaster ride through RVland unlike anything we envisioned. We face obstacles and ask ourselves constantly, “What nonsensical event awaits us.”

From the chill-to-the-bone Canadian North to the warm-tropical breezes of the southeast coast of the United States; from black sewer waters to turquoise-blue surf, “On RVing Time In A Long, Long, Trailer, Too!”, will make everyone a believer that even without-a-clue, first-timers’ can survive in the great outdoors.

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Amazon Review for On RVing Time Book 1

Very well written full of trama and intresting how they coped with all that came before them cant wait for the next part of their adventures in Mexico

Amazon Review for On RVing Time Book 1

Makes one wonder why anyone would live in an RV! It felt like they experienced almost every hazard possible in the RV and lived to tell about it.

Amazon Review for On RVing Time Book 1

Such a great read,I didn’t want it to finish. Hopefully they will continue to write about their journeys. This book tells of the joys and hardships of truly living the rv lifestyle !

Amazon Review for On RVing Time Book 1

I so related to the author. She sounded so like myself. Very humorous, and a great writer. I would recommend this book and can’t wait for her to write another. Going to look and be sure I haven’t missed one.