DIY Hubcap Flower

A tutorial on how to make a DIY garden decoration using hubcaps.


The highways and byways  are littered with hubcaps for the taking and here’s a cute  and inexpensive idea to recycle them for the  garden fronting your  RV camp site..   Now if you really want to carry your garden while on the road, why not paint your own hubcaps.  LOL.  How fun.

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Earring Hangar

Earring Hangar

Last week,  I showed you how to make a Jewelery Hangar for your bling  and promised you an easy solution to take your Earrings with you when you’re RVing.



1.  Trouser Hangar – a sturdy hangar to hold the weight of the earrings.

2.  A Hand Towel


Untitled-1 copy 3.


Attach the hand towel to the hangar.   I added a few clothespins to keep the towel from sagging.


Untitled-1 copy 2

Add your earrings.    Hanging your earrings this way  keeps the posts and wires  clean.

Jewelery Hangar

Jewelery Hangar

If you’re anything like me, you like to wear a little costume bling when you’re RVing.    With this  easy-to-make Jewelery Hangar, the  bling strands stay in place, even when you’re moving.


  1. Three rung hanger  (preferably hollow rungs).   I found mine at the Dollar Store.
  2. Bobble Yarn – check your stash.   I used about two feet of yarn for each rung.
  3. Knitting needle
  4. Scissors

Hangar 7


Unhook rungs  from hanger.

Hangar 2


Push two bobbles of the yarn into the inside of the rung with a knitting needle to secure the yarn.

Wrap bobble yarn snugly until you reach the end.

Secure yarn at the end by pushing a few bobbles into the inside of the rung.

Hangar 3

Hook one end of the rung  onto the hangar.

Hang long strands on bottom rung.

Hang medium length strands on middle rung.

Hang short, delicate strands,  on top rung.

Hangar 5


And voila, you have yourself a Jewelery Hanger.  Stay tuned to find out how to make my Earing Hangar.