RVing and Slow Cookers Are Meant to Be

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There are so many reasons to extol the virtues of a slow cooker. Most of them center around this appliance’s convenience.

Do you have a slow cooker?  Dig it out, dust it off and try your hand at Indian cooking with these five recipes.


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 90-Year-Old Woman Skips Cancer Treatment to Go RVing Across the Country

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Her doctor was a bit stunned by her decision, but then he sat back and said, “That’s exactly what I’d do, too.”


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Vinyl Power


In the summer of 2013, I  inherited a vintage Samsung Direct-Drive Turntable and twenty-five vinyl records.   Locating a tuner to play the records became a long, tedious  mission.

Returning home from an RVing trip last year,  I begged John to stop at a  Texas Goodwill.  Why?

I ran to the back and rummaged through a dusty crowded shelf and  found a 1996 Sanyo Compact Disc Deck Receiver and two Aiwa Speakers.   I’m convinced drawing me  in was Thomas Edison, for if he had not been born and invented the phonograph, I may never have  reclaimed  a nostalgic time in my life.

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Explore Channel Islands National Park

Get back in touch with nature!

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Channel Islands National Park – Gorgeous. Spring is in the air, or not. Let’s think about RVing.


I’ve included a link to eight campgrounds in the area. http://www.beachcalifornia.com/…/cam…/channel-islands-beach/

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On RVing Time

On Mexico Time – Snippets of Life in Mazatlan #1

Every morning,  we drive Jorgi to  Cerritos Beach,  located at the north end of  the Cerritos District, to partake in his favorite hobby–crabbing.   Jorgi is peeking out from the backseat.  I like to think  our fur angels, Bella and Pedro,   join us  in spirit.


Normally, I bring a camera and photograph the ever-changing landscape: the impressive waves after a storm, the pelicans skimming the surface of the ocean or  Jorgi searching for crabs.   In Canada, Jorgi fixated on  squirrels never coming close to catching one of  the cunning devils. (Bella and Pedro only showed interest in crabbing to please us, that I am sure of.)


Jorgi’s old eyes look to us to suss out the tiny creatures.   The fools we are, we indulge him by finding them, pointing them out, and praising him as he  participates in a game of “never catching and release”.     Funny thing is, although he appears to pounce on them, he misses them by a mile.

Today, I didn’t have my camera to photograph the heron taunting  Jorgi or the baby sea turtle John spotted on the stone steps many, many feet from the water’s edge.   This isn’t the first time we’ve seen baby sea turtles.  While RVing in Huatulco  (wah-TOOL-co), located on the Pacific coast in the state of  Oaxaca, we participated in   Releasing the Turtles..   But it is the first time we’ve seen a lone baby on this  beach.  Obviously disorientated,  she was retreating from the water..

Did you know that Turtles are reptiles and date from 157 million years ago?  And now, they are endangered.

The Release of Sea Turtles in Mazatlan , an article I found on line, explains how special these reptiles are:

Sea Turtles are found in all of the world’s oceans, with exception of the arctic. There are seven species of Sea Turtle, and six of these arrive to lay eggs each year on beaches across Mexico.

Although Sea Turtles live most of their lives at sea (and mate at sea) the females must return to land to lay their eggs.  One of the wonderful (and mysterious) aspects of these beautiful creatures is that the females return to the precise location where they themselves were born to lay their own eggs.  It is thought that they are sensitive to, and use, the Earth’s magnetic field as a means of navigation.

A sea turtle’s nest may contain up to 200 eggs.  The female will bury her “clutch” of eggs in the sand, where they will incubate for around fifty days before the eggs hatch, and the baby turtles make the often perilous journey from the beach to the ocean.

In addition to natural predators, to whom the baby turtles are easy prey as they scurry slowly along the beach from their birth nest to the water, Sea Turtles are also endangered by Man: people who would steal the eggs and baby turtles for profit as both fetch high prices on the black market.


We could only assume the  onslaught of heavy equipment  shoring up the crumbling sea wall ravaged by heavy tides this season disturbed the nest.    Or,  the high tide carried this helpless baby to this spot.   Did the  mother and the rest of her  babies  survive the trek  to the ocean?  We’ll never know.


“She’s dead,”  I said.

“No, she’s alive, but barely.”  John said.

Instinct kicked in.  John grabbed Jorgi’s lead  while I placed the tiny creature into the palm of my hands.  She is dry and crusty but  spreads her fins.  I run to the ocean.    The waves crash at the shoreline and I wait for a well-timed wave into which I can successfully release her.  Two feet forward, three back as the sand sucks me into the wild foamy waves.

Jorgi is fidgeting.  He wants in on the action.

“Put her in.”  John yells.

“I’m trying.  The waves are too powerful.”

The opportunity is fleeting, but a perfect wave is upon us and I watch her disappear under the swell.

Since I couldn’t photograph this most exhilarating moment, I decided to create a doodlewash, my first,  thanks to the encouragement from my friend Charlie O’Shields .  If you would like to learn more about doodlewashes,  Charlie shares his wonderful creations on his website.

I’m not much of a sketch artist and I know this doodlewash is amateurish, but it’s my memory.


This hobby would be great while  RVing, don’t you think?

The Onomatopoeia Dictionary


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Onomatopoeia is a word that mimics the sound of the object or action it refers to.  Example:  Achoo – sound of sneezing.

This dictionary will be a valuable tool to add to your author toolkit.

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What Interests You?

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Glamping and Shopping

Shopping meets Glamping

This post is In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt  “On the Edge.”

Okay, so I love shopping.  What girl doesn’t?”  And when I’m stressed, nothing eases my anxiety more than spotting  the extra 70% off the discounted price signs displayed above racks of  exorbitantly priced designer clothes.

When we owned a four-bedroom home, it was soooo easy to buy and hide.  “You look great,” my husband would comment.    I’ve not seen that outfit before?”

“Oh, this old outfit?”  Of course,  I’d  wrinkle my nose and in  movie-star fashion, rotate my hand in a circular motion and  raise my voice a few octaves exaggerating the word  “old”.

Then, we turned our lives upside down, traded our home backing on to a golf course for life on the road in a  fifthwheel.

RVing 1

Fifthwheel parked in front of sold house

I wouldn’t consider myself a shopaholic.  More of a shopper with a mission and a  passion to find the best for less.  I had to figure out how to blend shopping with glamping.

What the heck is glamping, you ask? The definition according to the   Urban Dictionary describes me to a tee.

Shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping.”
Example of glamping used in a sentence: I ain’t sleepin’ in no tent! For real, I’m goin’ glamping.”

To entice me to leave Suburbia, my husband threw in a loss leader, a teaser. “A bad mistake”, he’d later claim.   He agreed to stop whenever and wherever I spotted a galleria.  Unbeknownst to either of us, I had a sixth sense for finding these jewels.  A three-inch soft covered Entry-Exit book helped.   So, my dutiful husband indulged me.

What should have taken us a few days to reach our destinations spread out to weeks and months because I found, to my delight, gallerias abounded on major highways and byways and I had oodles of storage space.  The downside. I  discovered, as much as I tried,  I  couldn’t stuff four bedrooms of clothing and shoes into a forty-foot container.  Not to worry, I  became a savvier shopper.

We have since downsized to a twenty-four foot  motorhome.

Glamping Queen

The journey continues

My husband still indulges my shopping pangs but now greets me at the doorway with a quizzical gaze on his face and asks two questions, “How much did you save me today?” and “What are you throwing out?”