Fun Facts – Trivia Tuesday

Hello fellow bloggers.   Welcome to Trivia Tuesday.  Today, I’m  sharing a few fun  facts about what else, RVing.

Spring is in the air.  Winter is losing it’s blustery cold grip to  longer,  sun-drenched  days which means  folks are turning their attention to planning their vacations.  Shed the winter doldrums, de-winterize the RV, and  hit the road.

Did you know?

  1.  In 1910, there were few gas stations, few paved roads and no highway system. But there were RVs. 1910 is the year that America’s leading RV historians  David Woodworth, Al Hesselbart and Roger Whiten cite as the beginning of what has become the modern RV industry.           Source:  The Birth of the RV Industry

2.  The  1913 Earl Trailer and Model T-Ford is believed to be the oldest non-tent travel trailer.

  1913 Earl Trailer and Model T Ford

Source:  RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum         

3.  A unique unit built in California on the back of a Model T Ford roadster. A novel feature is multiple slide-outs on this vintage model.  Possibly the first fifthwheel?


A 1915 Model T with a 1916 Telescope Apartment.   

Source:  RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum

4.  Travel Trivia Game For RVers

This unique board game celebrates the RV lifestyle.    Players “travel to the rally”. The first person (or team) there wins!   Supposedly, the more you know about America, travel, and the RV lifestyle, the faster you’ll reach the rally site and win the game. But just like real life, there are lots of unexpected delays and hazards you will encounter along the way.


Source: Fun Times Guide to RVing

5.. More fun facts about RVing and camping.


Source: Nielson RV


Be safe and enjoy the open road in your RV!

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