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Follow my Book Launch Journey Part 5

Perspective – The Wind is not Always  at your Back

A Grand Mexico Tour


In Part 4, I promised to share the answers to  three questions that quelled my fears for marketing   “A Grand Mexico Tour” .

I found a free tool  The Book Marketing Canvas , a business plan of sorts  designed by Tom Morkes to help me in this process.  I tried to insert the completed Canvas here, but WordPress doesn’t accept PDF files.    Instead, I’ll give you the gist of what I  discovered.

Question 1.  What is your goal for writing your e-books and  how will you measure success?

My goal is to share  our  experiences  with as many people as I can and I measure  success not by the number of  sales but from their feedback.

We turned our lives upside down and traded suburbia for life on the road in a forty-foot fifthwheel.  We traveled across Canada, the United States and Mexico.   Faces lit up when John and I shared our RVing stories.  Each adventure brought out laughter and curiosity.

I  kept a hand-written journal of our travels and It just made sense to create a permanent record  and place my books in front of as many people as possible.    I welcomed the challenge.     I discovered I loved helping people to  understand the RVing  lifestyle  and that discovery  led to long-lasting relationships.

Question 2.   Who  are these e-books for?

Travelers and adventures was my first answer but when I  brainstormed a tad more, I came up with a more defined group of folks.

People who want to live the adventure from the comfort of their armchair.

People who have camped for fun and are thinking about the full- time RVing lifestyle.

People with a five-year plan. “When I retire in five years, I’m going RVing.”

People who RV and stay fixed in one campground and are thinking of traveling to Mexico.

People who want a true life version of what RVing is all about.  No fluff


Question 3.  What is the  problem  my  audience has and how do my books solve it?

My reader is likely  curious but reluctant to take risks.  The biggest pain is the fear to make the decision to RV and  taking the steps to venture out.

My husband and I did what most people can only dream about.    A person will decide to either travel to Mexico by RV or not  after reading my newest e-book, A Grand Mexico Tour.  But even if they only want to travel from the comfort of their armchairs,   my hope is readers will  travel with us throughout Mexico and live our experience.

To sum up:


Two more days to launch and I’m busy updating my social media accounts and tweaking my website.    The excitement is building . . . . . . .


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