Book Launch

Follow My Book Launch Journey Part 1

I’ve scheduled the release of my new e-book for January 31, 2016.


Third Book

To launch a book without a plan is like sending your kindergarten-aged child to University.  I know because I launched two e-books the hard way.   But I am committed to send my third e-book into the Amazon world with the tools for success.

My journey thus far.

A  ton of work has  gone into writing this e- book.  But the work isn’t finished.  You now step into the world of  publishing,  marketing and promotion.   If you have funds, you’re in luck.  Gurus abound.  If you don’t,  you  do what every entrepreneur  does. You scour the internet for people who have succeeded in pivoting their book launch for success and you study  their strategy for success..    Like a new employee on the job, I wrote oodles of notes,   and   hit the motherload.

I stumbled into a free course hosted by D’vorah Lanksey  For a full month, I listened to  top-notch marketing gurus sharing their expert advice on everything from author platforms to writing a book in thirty days.

Blog Hop

Each week’s theme built on to the next and at the end of the month, I had  a clue about the marketing required to sell books.

For  my final challenge, I wrote a blog, The 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge and shared my experience.    The short excerpt below is the action step that most resonated with me.

Develop Your Author Platform, my favorite marketing strategy; put marketing my book into perspective for me. I learned valuable techniques to help me increase my visibility as an author. I enhanced my author central account on Amazon, set up Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and  participated in my first Fan Page Friday. What a hoot!   And, I created a blog.

Not feeling comfortable with writing blogs,   I discovered Scoop it.   What’s that, you ask?   The founders of the website say it best.

A robust content curation technology to save time finding the content you need.
An intuitive publishing platform.

Over the moon,  I curated five subjects,  but in the end,  I didn’t attract many visitors to my blog and couldn’t figure out why millions of bloggers didn’t find my stuff.    I scratched my head and researched blogging for an answer.   Wow, what an eye-opener.  It wasn’t enough I found great content and let people know of my milestones, like being No. 1 in Australia or hitting Best Seller’s List in the United States for my first two books, I had to communicate and engage  with real people.

Luck was on my side.  I  stumbled into a blogging course hosted by WordPress and discovered real-life blogging is a two-way street.   I tried.  Oh, I tried.  As soon as my fingers hit the keys, I froze.  Being exposed scared the beejeebers out of me.   Once I  mastered my fear and opened myself to this wonderful group of people who shared their wealth of information, inspiration and wisdom, I felt empowered.  All the months of learning will now be put to good use.

Stay tuned…..






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