10 thoughts on “CAMERA LUCIDA – Out of Place

    • S. A. Smith, Author says:

      I shot this photograph in Centro, Mazatlan Mexico. One morning, after a lovely breakfast at Allegro’s Café , one of our favorites, we moseyed along the quiet, narrow streets. I spotted a dilapidated building and peeked in. The funny thing is, I seldom bring my camera. Funny with fate. Now I have this beautiful image to share with my friends.

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      • Julia says:

        Try an follow these steps:
        Open the gallery by clicking on the photo with the door, scroll down and click on the button left side that says ‘add your link here’ , then just copy /paste your url address to the post you want to upload!
        Don’t worry too much if it doesn’t work…it’s enough if you link back to the Camera Lucida post that your posting for and tag it #cameralucida so we can find it in the Reader!
        Lots of love,

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