My First GIF and My Gift to You

Flopping Around

A photo shoot taken on a walk along the Malecón, Mazatlán, Mexico

I’ve always wanted to create  a gif and my  friend at  provided me the link.

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The Onomatopoeia Dictionary


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Onomatopoeia is a word that mimics the sound of the object or action it refers to.  Example:  Achoo – sound of sneezing.

This dictionary will be a valuable tool to add to your author toolkit.

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What Interests You?

My final assignment in the WordPress Blogging 101 course is to schedule a weekly post.   A great big thank you and shout out to the fabulous  WordPress Admins.

What better way  to find out what interests you, my valued reader,  than to create a poll.  (I just learned how to do this.  Very cool.)   Please feel free to share and leave me a comment if you think of additional subjects.

The Blogger Recognition Award

blogger recognition award

Blogger Recognition Award

I want to thank Josée from her blog, joseelavallee. for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award.  Our paths crossed when we  attended Blogging 101 and discovered our mutual  love for writing, art and travel.  And, she’s just a really sweet person .

There’s nothing more magical as the sound of  a quality  pen scratching a line of azure blue across a clean, white sheet of lined paper.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t carry a spiral-bound notebook and a ball point pen to jot down recipes, instructions for a DIY project, notes from a seminar, and short stories. Happy. Sad. Inspirational. Informational. I wrote. They were my inner thoughts. Mine and only mine.


My ramblings became public when I decided to author and publish two E-books. I filled notebooks chronicling everything about RVing, the best campgrounds, exotic destinations,  traveling with dogs and coping with anxiety attacks. You name it. I documented our emotions: excitement, fear and anticipation as we left the security of the known to venture out into the world.



Suddenly, I was thrown into the world of marketing and the birth of blogging.   I created an author page, a website,  email list opt in, a landing page, widgets, menus.  Yikes!  Panic set in.




But, I plugged along.  My advice for new bloggers.  Sign up for Blogging 101 at the Blogging University. Learn the ropes and write.

Here are but a few of the amazing  people  who  have captured the hearts and minds of everybody they touch.  It is a pleasure and honor to have them in my world and to thank them for all the good they do.  My list will surely grow as I continue on my blogging journey.

Salvador Herrera at unmundomagico. Salvador, a gifted photographer, shares the beauty of Mazatlan, Mexico  through his amazing photography.

Monserrat at montserratmacie Monserrat’s art transcends art and provides meaning to a chaotic world.

D’vorah at bookmarketingmadeeasy D’vorah hosted a free 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge  and continues to work tirelessly to help  newbie authors like me understand the book marketing world.

Ellen at ellenbrockediting Ellen, a professional editor,   is hosting Novel Boot Camp, a free lecture and workshop forum , to help authors perfect their manuscripts.

Thank You

Glamping and Shopping

Shopping meets Glamping

This post is In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt  “On the Edge.”

Okay, so I love shopping.  What girl doesn’t?”  And when I’m stressed, nothing eases my anxiety more than spotting  the extra 70% off the discounted price signs displayed above racks of  exorbitantly priced designer clothes.

When we owned a four-bedroom home, it was soooo easy to buy and hide.  “You look great,” my husband would comment.    I’ve not seen that outfit before?”

“Oh, this old outfit?”  Of course,  I’d  wrinkle my nose and in  movie-star fashion, rotate my hand in a circular motion and  raise my voice a few octaves exaggerating the word  “old”.

Then, we turned our lives upside down, traded our home backing on to a golf course for life on the road in a  fifthwheel.

RVing 1

Fifthwheel parked in front of sold house

I wouldn’t consider myself a shopaholic.  More of a shopper with a mission and a  passion to find the best for less.  I had to figure out how to blend shopping with glamping.

What the heck is glamping, you ask? The definition according to the   Urban Dictionary describes me to a tee.

Shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping.”
Example of glamping used in a sentence: I ain’t sleepin’ in no tent! For real, I’m goin’ glamping.”

To entice me to leave Suburbia, my husband threw in a loss leader, a teaser. “A bad mistake”, he’d later claim.   He agreed to stop whenever and wherever I spotted a galleria.  Unbeknownst to either of us, I had a sixth sense for finding these jewels.  A three-inch soft covered Entry-Exit book helped.   So, my dutiful husband indulged me.

What should have taken us a few days to reach our destinations spread out to weeks and months because I found, to my delight, gallerias abounded on major highways and byways and I had oodles of storage space.  The downside. I  discovered, as much as I tried,  I  couldn’t stuff four bedrooms of clothing and shoes into a forty-foot container.  Not to worry, I  became a savvier shopper.

We have since downsized to a twenty-four foot  motorhome.

Glamping Queen

The journey continues

My husband still indulges my shopping pangs but now greets me at the doorway with a quizzical gaze on his face and asks two questions, “How much did you save me today?” and “What are you throwing out?”