Jewelery Hangar

Jewelery Hangar

If you’re anything like me, you like to wear a little costume bling when you’re RVing.    With this  easy-to-make Jewelery Hangar, the  bling strands stay in place, even when you’re moving.


  1. Three rung hanger  (preferably hollow rungs).   I found mine at the Dollar Store.
  2. Bobble Yarn – check your stash.   I used about two feet of yarn for each rung.
  3. Knitting needle
  4. Scissors

Hangar 7


Unhook rungs  from hanger.

Hangar 2


Push two bobbles of the yarn into the inside of the rung with a knitting needle to secure the yarn.

Wrap bobble yarn snugly until you reach the end.

Secure yarn at the end by pushing a few bobbles into the inside of the rung.

Hangar 3

Hook one end of the rung  onto the hangar.

Hang long strands on bottom rung.

Hang medium length strands on middle rung.

Hang short, delicate strands,  on top rung.

Hangar 5


And voila, you have yourself a Jewelery Hanger.  Stay tuned to find out how to make my Earing Hangar.

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