Jewelery Hangar

Jewelery Hangar

If you’re anything like me, you like to wear a little costume bling when you’re RVing.    With this  easy-to-make Jewelery Hangar, the  bling strands stay in place, even when you’re moving.


  1. Three rung hanger  (preferably hollow rungs).   I found mine at the Dollar Store.
  2. Bobble Yarn – check your stash.   I used about two feet of yarn for each rung.
  3. Knitting needle
  4. Scissors

Hangar 7


Unhook rungs  from hanger.

Hangar 2


Push two bobbles of the yarn into the inside of the rung with a knitting needle to secure the yarn.

Wrap bobble yarn snugly until you reach the end.

Secure yarn at the end by pushing a few bobbles into the inside of the rung.

Hangar 3

Hook one end of the rung  onto the hangar.

Hang long strands on bottom rung.

Hang medium length strands on middle rung.

Hang short, delicate strands,  on top rung.

Hangar 5


And voila, you have yourself a Jewelery Hanger.  Stay tuned to find out how to make my Earing Hangar.

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More than 20 million Americans will travel in RVs throughout the summer months, heading to our country’s 16,000-plus campgrounds and enjoying time outdoors with family and friends, according to a recent Campfire Canvass survey of RV owners by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association and Cvent.

According to the new survey, 66% of RV owners intend to use their RVs more this summer than they did last year, and 28% will use theirs the same amount. Just 4% said they’ll use their RVs less.

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I Completed the 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge

The 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge winds down on Saturday, June 6. D’vorah, our gracious host, emailed our daily challenge for those 30 days and asked the participants to take one action step in a twenty-four-hour period.


Each day I read and listened to professionals share their expertise. Each day, I accomplished one step, however small. At times, my brain hurt and playing with my three dogs seemed much more appealing.


At times, I thought who would care if I dropped out. But I couldn’t. I owed my full attention to the new friends and the professionals who donated their time to help me succeed.


Develop Your Author Platform, my favorite marketing strategy; put marketing my book into perspective for me. I learned valuable techniques to help me increase my visibility as an author. I enhanced my author central account, set up this blog and participated in my first Fan Page Friday. What a hoot!  And, my notebook is chockful of action steps to propel me on.


I still have a lot of work to do but I now have tools to help me market the two  e-books in the series “On RVing Time”.   Here are the links to;%20

I  hope to finish the third book in my series by the end of the year.


And now, I have completed the final action step in this 30-day Challenge.


My heartfelt thanks goes out to D’vorah Lanksy and her team of experts for making this Challenge available to authors like me struggling with the marketing abyss .


As D’vorah always says, “Here’s to your success.”

Thank you for dropping by.




Book Trailer




A Canadian woman, an English man, and a terrier mix, escape Suburbia for life on the road in a 40-foot fifthwheel.  How?

Find out in S. A. Smith’s “On RVing Time” series.  Check out my author central page on Amazon at